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Every year we are introduced to new super foods – what are this year’s?

Most people know how important the foods we eat are to our health and that many degenerative diseases are actually preventable if we eat the foods that can assist in this. Kelp or seaweed is regarded as one of the most recent super foods and it should become part of your diet. British seaweed the new super food is an excellent source of phytonutrients and fiber, iodine and calcium, in fact super foods like seaweed contain no less than 46 minerals, micro-nutrients and amino acids. Vitamin packed seaweed has also been found to have natural antioxidant properties. If you’re wondering where you’re going to get your seaweed from, superfoods like this are now available in powdered form and can be sprinkled over your oats or added to your smoothie. Most people battle with inflammation, and kelp is high in antioxidants and it also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be great for fighting cancer. Some people even use kelp for cleansing the system and getting rid of excess water.

Super foods