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Beetroot Juice for Health

Beetroot Juice for Health

Beet Root juice is elixir for the body. It has so many benefits that it is hard to list. However I have tried to put the main benefits in this post. I make it a point to have one glass every day.

Prevents ageing – Ageing is natural and takes away the looks of youth. Thinning of hair or blemished skins, which is sign of age catching up can be slowed down. Also the acne problem is also rooted out for people with oily skin. Beet root juice helps to make hair thicker, eliminate dark spots and remove acne. The reason behind is that beetroot is rich in antioxidants which control the free radicals the reason for all ageing signs.

Improves the Functioning of Liver – Beetroot juice helps remove toxins from your body. In the process it makes the liver function better. Beet rot contains glutathione which protects the live and also helps in liver cells generation the reason behind good effect on liver.

Boosts HemoglobinHemoglobin is necessary to keep you energetic. Beet root is a good source of iron, folate and Vitamin B12 which are building blocks of hemoglobin. It is the best for pregnant women where anemia causes health issues.

Anticarcinogenic – Beetroot helps prevent cancer. It has anti-carcinogenic properties. Beet root juice elevates oxygen levels in blood which counters the growth of cancerous cells. Also it is alkaline which helps counter the acidic medium in which cancerous cells thrive. Betanin compounds present in beetroot helps stop growth of cancerous cells as well.