Eating out, gluten-free – Part 2

As promised, here we continue from our last post….

  • Be sure of your diet: While restaurants might be serving gluten-free food, it is always advisable to be well aware of your dietary restrictions. It is important to be sure which grains or ingredients to avoid so that you can explain the same to the restaurant and make your own permutations and combinations in case there is no official menu designed for celiac patients.

celiac disease for many the reason to change to a gluten free diet.

  • Inform your server about your special diet: While too many restaurants might not serve gluten-free food, however, treating their guests well and catering them to the fullest is always the priority in the hospitality sector. So, do not feel shy and do tell the server about your preferences. Involve the server and ask for his suggestions on the dishes that can be eaten safely.
  • Request the restaurant to avoid cross-contamination: Cross contamination aggravates the risk for celiac patients and the restaurant must be requested to exercise caution against the same. It is always good to categorically ask the chef to ensure certain things such as using a clean grill surface that has not been previously shared with items containing gluten, using a clean bowl while mixing salads, using a separate strainer for pastas, using a sterilized vegetable chopping board and so on.
  • Substitute beer with wine or champagne: While placing an order for alcoholic drinks, switch your preference from beer (as it is made from barley) to champagne or wine, which are made of gluten-free ingredients.
  • Opt for a gluten-free dessert: Cakes and brownies are always the first things to cross someone’s mind while deciding over desserts. However, searching for gluten-free desserts gives you an opportunity to explore other delicious treats like fruit cream, poached pears, coconut rice custards or baked apples.

Even as, switching from your favorites to food devoid of gluten is surely a challenging task, it gives you an opportunity to get creative and break the convention for culinary preferences. So, just taking a few preventive measures can help you to gift your taste buds with something new while enjoy your dining experience in a healthier way.

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